I see a light inside everyone

I am an experienced professional portrait and family photographer originally from Ukraine.

Photography for me is not just a set of frames with different angles and images, it's a way to tell you a story so that, moving from photo to photo, you seem to be flipping through the pages of an interesting book.

Each person is unique, so I try to showcase a person’s originality and inner world. A classic portrait at all times aroused particular interest in the viewer. Artists hailed the beauty of a man with the help of light and colours - simple means that were always at hand. Inspired by the works of Vrubel, Vermeer, Modigliani, I try to convey the character and mood of the model in my photographs using the same light and colour.

But often, already at the first meeting with people, the idea of ​​​​shooting goes beyond the usual, and this is when we begin to create illusions, hidden meanings, we suggest reading between the lines. There are people who subconsciously trust the photographer, ready for any experiments in any conditions – and it is with such people that the most unusual and fantasy-driven photoshoot plots are obtained.

I currently live in the UK. I also do photoshoots in Europe.